Earn free bitcoins

There are several ways how to earn bitcoins online. Most of them are based on PTC platform - you gain free bitcoins by clicking on advertisings. As there is many website offering such a earnings we went through them and found those below as only reliable and paying enough to be worth of using.
Some of them offer referral bonuses so be sure to check for your referral ID and you can gain more for free.
One from the most popular pay-per-click websites which pays you in bitcoins. It is simple, create an account and start to watch ads. Most of the ads are pretty short - 10-30 seconds only. For each view you can get around 60 satoshi. You can request payment anytime if you reach minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0001 BTC.
What do you think about idea to earn bitcoins by watching Youtube videos? On CoinHD you can. High payouts, simple and nice design. You can request immediate pay-out. Highly recommended bitcoin website.
One from the eldest websites, always paying, reliable. You can earn bitcoins by watching short ads here too. Sometimes there is not enough advertisers (but lately we did not notice any problems). Payout balance is pretty high but is easile achievable. Recommended!
Get paid in bitcoin for viewing sites, plus earn 50% for your referrals' clicks! It's easy, just enter your bitcoin address, MicroWallet ID, or Coinbase registered email in the form at the top of the page and push the button! View websites for different time frames and earn bitcoins instantly!
They pay users in bitcoin to watch short web ads. There is no signup or registration required to earn there. You can start earning right away with just a BTC Wallet.
VisitBit is a paid to surf website where you visit via iframe advertiser websites and for each visit you are given Bitcoin which is send to your Microwallet - if you dont have one, no worries, its automaticaly opened for you and once you reach 5500 satoshi Microwallet will send your earning to your Bitcoin wallet.